carole | gray | practice


A constructor of objects and images, an explorer of contemporary technologies and materials, I have made artworks that respond directly to place and space.


Exploring different lighting methods, including LEDs, fibre optics and electroluminescent technology, I have made small scale sculptural lights for individuals, special occasions and specific locations.



In the creative collaboration - shadow + lights studio

(2010 -14) I worked with another artist - Joanna Howarth. We explored collaborative strategies that resulted in a new collection of work each year.



2017 marked 40 years of making, showcased in

A Visual Overview of Artwork 1977 to 2014.

Throughout this period I have kept workbooks.



Since 2015 I have been developing a new body of work

that attempts to explore space as a ‘material’, in the form of three-dimensional geometric constructions that are spatially ambiguous and materially rich.

shadow + lights studio