1975 - present | workbooks

I have kept workbooks since 1975,

capturing ideas, visualising thinking

and enabling reflection. I often revisit them to take up an idea that I could not realise at that time, either through my lack of knowledge and skill or limited /

non-existent technologies.


The slide sequence shows extracts from 1970's to the present - explorations of: line, tone and texture, as preparation for various three-dimensional constructions;  the spiral visualised in two and three dimensional forms - wheels, mazes, domes and towers with ramps; possible large scale installations, using space above and below a surface; drawings exploring landscape ideas - sky, clouds, land, water, in layers/levels; drawings in preparation for 3D constructions - progressions with point, line, tone, plane and mass.



" You will be glad to have by you a little book of leaves ... and to note down motions in it ... when it is full keep it to serve your future plans, and take another and carry on with it."


Leonardo da Vinci

circa 1530