Examples of mapping out ideas
for research papers

“ … an epistemology of practice implicit in … artistic, intuitive processes … ”
Donald Schön, The Reflective Practitioner, 1983

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Malins, J., Gray, C. and Liapis, A. ( 2015)
Trialogical Learning: a new framework for learning through the creative relationship between emerging technologies and multiple participants
in: Bihanic, D. (ed.) 'User Empowerment: Interdisciplinary studies & combined approaches for technological products and services', London: Springer Verlag

Gray, C. and Burnett, G. (2014)
Making Sense: exploring materialist pedagogies through imagination, collaboration and criticality
in: Barrett, E. and Bolt, B. (eds.) 'Material Inventions: Applying Creative Research', London: I B Tauris

Gray, C. and Delday, H. (2011)
A Pedagogy of Poiesis:
possible futures for 'artistic' practice-led doctoral research
Keynote paper for ‘Textures' - 'Art as Research' stream, 6th European Meeting of the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, Stockholm School of Economics, Riga, Latvia
in: Smite, R. , Mey, K. and Smits, R. (2011) Art as Research, Acoustic Space No.9. RIXC, The Centre for New Media Culture, Riga and MPLab of Liepaja University, Latvia. ISSN: 1407-2858
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Gray, C. and Burnett, G. (2009)
Making Sense: an exploration of ways of knowing generated through practice and reflection in craft

Helsinki University Press
ISBN: 978-952-10-5579-9 PDF version of proceedings -

Gray, C., Curtis, E. and Delday, H. (2007)
The Value of the Creative and Critical Practitioner
Keynote paper in: New Media and Art Education: Innovative Approaches to Learning’, International Conference, University of Liepaja, Latvia, 25-27 Oct, 2007

Gray, C. and Burnett, G. (2007)
Making Sense: ‘Material thinking’ and ‘materializing pedagogies’
Invited journal paper for interactiveDiscourse – International On-line Journal of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education ISSN: 1756-3445

Gray, C. (2007)
From the ground up: encountering theory in the process of practice-led doctoral research

Keynote paper in: ‘In Theory? Encounters with Theory in Practice-based PhD Research in Art and Design’, AHRC Postgraduate Conference, De Montfort University & Loughborough Universities, UK. 26 June 2007. Conference proceedings ISBN: 1 900856 73 5

Gray, C. (2007)
A different way of knowing? Inquiry through the creative arts

(English version)
Keynote paper in: ‘Production as Research’, 1st Symposium of Visual Studies international conference, Universidad de Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico. April 4-7, 2006.

Gray, C. and Malins, J. with Graham, B. and Davey, C. (2005)
Supervision: innovations in doctoral supervisory practice in art and design
Refereed conference paper in: '4DED', 4th Symposium Doctoral Education in Design, Arizona State University, Tempe, Phoenix, USA. 25-28 June 2005. Editors Jacques Giard & David Pijawka. Pp. 23-38. ISBN: 1 884320 27 94  

Gray, C. and Malins, J. (2004)
Visualizing Research: a guide to the research process in Art and Design

Aldershot: Ashgate. ISBN: 0 7546 3577 5

Douglas, A., Gray, C. and Delday, H. (2002)
On the Edge: a new articulation of contemporary visual arts in remote rural contexts
Invited chapter in: 'Heaven and Earth', Fruitmarket Forum, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland. ISBN: 0 947912 28 2
Malins, J. and  Gray, C. (2000)
Educating the Practice-based Researcher: developing new environments for collaborative and constructive learning
Refereed paper in: 'Foundations for the Future: Doctoral Education in Design', conference proceedings, Staffordshire University Press. ISBN: 1-897898-64-9

Douglas, A. and Gray, C. (1999)
Artesign and the project series ‘Room with a View: a case study of practice-based research in Art & Design
Refereed paper in: 'Matrix 4, International Symposium on Research in Design and Art Practice' conference July 1999

Malins, J. and Gray, C. (1999)
The Digital Thesis: recent developments in practice-based PhD research in Art & Design

In: Digital Creativity, Vol.10, No.1, pp 18-28. ISSN: 1462-6268

Malins, J., Gray, C., Ross, J. and Burman, B. (1999)
From Image to Object: old signs, new meanings
Refereed paper in: in: Computers in Art and Design Education (CADE) conference, University of Teeside. ISBN: 0-907550-66-5

Gray, C. (1998)
Inquiry through Practice: developing appropriate research strategies
Keynote in: 'No Guru, No Method? Discussions on Art and Design Research', University of Art & Design, UIAH, Helsinki, Finland.
Pp 82 - 95 ISBN: 951-558-020-X

Gray, C. and  Pirie, I. (1995)
Artistic Research Procedure: Research at the Edge of Chaos?
Refereed paper in: ‘Design Interfaces’ conference, European Academy of Design, University of Salford. Conference proceedings
ISBN: 0 9525666 3 X

Malins, J. and Gray, C. (1995)
Appropriate Research Methodologies for Artists, Designers & Craftspersons: Research as a Learning Process
Invited paper for: ‘Making It’, UK Crafts Council conference, Woolley Hall, Wakefield

Gray, C. and Malins, J. (1993)
Research Procedures / Methodology for Artists & Designers
Invited chapter in: ‘Principles and Definitions: Five Papers by the European Postgraduate Art & Design Group’,  European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA). Winchester: Winchester School of Art
ISBN: 0 9515904 3 X.

This paper has been translated into Spanish by Alejandro Sancho, School of Arts, Granada, Spain, 2013.